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Dion Waiters' role will be simplified this year, Mike Brown sees him strictly as a shooting guard

By Jason Lloyd Published: July 19, 2013
Waiters drive
Dion Waiters will relinquish all point guard duties in new coach Mike Brown's system. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Dion Waiters' role will be simplified this season under Mike Brown. He's the shooting guard, period. And the second word in that position is much more important to Brown than the first. 

"I’m viewing him strictly as a 2-guard," Brown said.

Former coach Byron Scott tried limiting Waiters to strictly shooting guard last year, but Waiters struggled adjusting to playing without the ball in his hands all the time, so Scott relented and allowed Waiters to run the point for long stretches. Brown is reverting back to making Waiters play off the ball, but made it clear the "guard" in his title is much, much more important than the "shooting."

"I even told Dion, 'You could go 0 for 20 for all I care. Shoot the ball every time you touch it. Don’t make a shot. I’m not looking at that right now because we’ll correct that part,'" Brown said. "I just want to see the little things that add up to championship level basketball. Each game I thought he’s gotten a little bit better in those areas."

Brown likes the way Waiters is moving without the ball during summer league, grabbing rebounds and scrambling after 50/50 balls. Waiters seemed to talk more defensively in Thursday's victory over the San Antonio Spurs and seemed more aware on the court defensively.

Brown has held lengthy, individual film sessions with both Waiters and Tyler Zeller emphasizing the hustle plays.

With Waiters removed from the role, Brown said the point guard duties will belong to Kyrie Irving and Jarrett Jack. The Cavs could have room to carry a third point guard. Right now, the most likely candidates would seem to be Matthew Dellavedova or Cory Higgins, both of whom have played well in summer league. 

The Cavs have two open roster spots following Friday's release of both Kevin Jones and Chris Quinn.

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