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DJ loves him some DJ

By admin Published: November 21, 2005

It is no surprise to me that Damon Jones and Terrell Owens are boys and proud supporters of each other no matter what.   As Damon said the other night in Philly to a reporter: TO just wants the ball.

When athletes hang out, usually they play video games, go to clubs, compare personal chefs and, in the case of the Minnesota Vikings, pass loose women around a chartered boat.  When DJ and TO get together, they might just sit around and look at themselves in handheld mirrors.

Considering the pressure they compete under, it is understandable why having a massive ego is sometimes vital in sports.  Damon doesn't just say he's the best shooter in the world, he actually believes it (he also believes he's the best looking guy on the Cavs and probably the NBA).  No doubt that is comforting when you've got to make a jumper in front of 20,000 people or make clutch free throws like he did the other night in Philly.

After three weeks of not talking to the media, DJ finally spoke up today.  He made it pretty clear that even though the Cavs are playing well, he's playing well, and everyone thinks the idea of bringing him and Donyell Marshall off the bench together is smashing, he's still not happy.  Nor will he happy until he's the starter.  The conversation between him and the media went like this:

Branson Wright, Plain Dealer: Did it have anything to do with Eric Snow being the starter, not speaking to us?
DJ: Next question.
Branson: Are you comfortable with your role coming off the bench?
DJ: Next question
Yours truly: Can you not be fully happy unless you're the starter, is that what we're getting out of this?
DJ: Next question.

Draw your own conclusions from that.

This, mind you, less than 48 hours after the biggest Cavs win of the season to get the team to 8-2.  Damon did say Mike Brown has handled the team well and Brown said he had no problems with Damon...YET!

In other news, Carlos Boozer isn't just sitting around waiting for his hamstring to heal.  He's buying a $6.8 million house in LA. Today is his 24th birthday...Happy Birthday, Carlos!

I've gotten e-mails asking me what other stuff I read regularly on the net.  Well, today I have decided to tell you.

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