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Cleveland Cavaliers

Don't Worry, All is Well Say the Cavaliers

By George Thomas Published: May 12, 2010

All is well.
That's what the Cavs want to believe with respect to their Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Boston Celtics that they now trail 3-2 with Boston having the opportunity to close things out at the TD Garden Thursday.
LeBron James isn't worried about past games and welcomes the challenge of Game 6:
''That was last night. Last night was a bad night, shooting the ball-wise. I think I played well. When you go out and you have a bar set so high for yourself and you don't do that every single night, they can have a bad one, they can talk about you and say, 'The elbow' and 'He wasn't this' or 'He wasn't that.' I'm OK with accepting it. But I don't get involved in it. I've got to understand tomorrow is a huge game, not only for myself but for our whole team,'' he said.
Ahh, the elbow. There's nothing wrong with that part of his body, so says The King. And his teammates back him up on that.
''Nothing's wrong with him. It's our job as others to make him look good. We have to hit shots when he gets off the ball and we've got to play defense and open up the floor for him. When he's coming off the ball and kicking it, guys have to hit shots,'' center Shaquille O'Neal said.
For the record, point guard Mo Williams agrees that there's little wrong with James.
But here's an analysis courtesy of BasketballBreakdowns from YouTube:

Right now Cavs fans are in a panic over the possibility that a team that they have invested almost 10 months - one that had the best record for two consecutive seasons - are close to being eliminated from the playoffs far too soon.
When asked why they shouldn't be worried, James said: ''They've got me.''
The problem with that? James has had two consecutive games that he'd probably like to forget, avergaing 18.5 points per game in those two losses.
Right now, the team's post-season future hinges on which James shows: the one from Game 3 or his evil twin from the past two.  And it's not inconceivable that the organization's future hangs in the balance as well.

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