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Cleveland Cavaliers

Early June potpourri

By admin Published: June 1, 2006

After having a number of postseason conversations and lots of reading...

--I don't think the Cavs will have a makeover this offseason.  Even though I wrote about testing the trade market for Zydrunas Ilgauskas, I believe the Cavs will only make a move if they feel knocked over.  Honestly, I doubt it's going to happen.  After my story ran I am sure some teams have called Danny Ferry to gage Z, but it will take proven players and not draft picks or prospects.

--Unless he signs a strange offer sheet (i.e. Carlos Boozer's descending salary deal with the Jazz) I expect the Cavs to match any reasonable contract for Drew Gooden.  They really like his work ethic and love their depth in the frontcourt.  I think they also have a feeling that Gooden is headed for a long career and they could always trade him if they wanted to down the line.  A fair sign-and-trade deal isn't out of the question, but again it will take a legit player(s) in return not cap relief or prospects.  I pretty much invented the Jamaal Magloire-Gooden trade talk going around the NBA because Milwaukee GM Larry Harris wants an athletic power forward to play next to Andrew Bogut and wants to move Mags.  It just made sense to me, so I threw it out there and others have been picking it up.

--Despite my prodding, which has been followed up by several other media outlets, at this moment I don't expect the Cavs to look to hire an offensive coordinator.  I kind of thought the front office might apply some pressure after they got some goodwill by picking up Mike Brown's contract option.  Actually I hear they are going to leave it Brown to make the needed offensive changes.  It has also been pointed out to me that it is easier to have a lead defensive assistant (as Brown was in Indiana) than a lead offensive assistant because there are more offensive play calls than defensive.  That may or may not be true, but I still believe the Cavs need a new offensive philosophy or at least a more in-depth one.

--By the way, when I first heard about the press conference announcing something about Brown's contract I thought he was getting a new deal.  My first reaction was that would've been a little crazy since things change so rapidly in the NBA.  So I called Brown's agent and he told me it was just the option pickup.  When I asked if he was re-doing the contract he cracked me up by saying, "Oh no, Christmas only comes once a year."

--As I've written before, the NBA changed the day they announced the new defensive rules before the 2004-05 season.  Here's another quality opinion of the offensive trend.

--I'm having trouble caring about this draft.  I read lots of people saying there are are no super stars but it is a deep draft.  I'm hearing the opposite from some league execs.  With no high school players and not many gems in Europe ready for the NBA, I'm hearing this is the thinnest draft in years.  Glad the Cavs have three picks in it, not that I'm saying they can't find something.  My guess is they'll draft the best point guard available at No. 25 and take at least one Euro prospect in round two if they even keep both picks.  As I've written here before, I'm no draftnik so don't expect exhaustive updates on it from the Akron Beacon Journal. 

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