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End of 3 and Cavs still up by 7, but it's still up in the air

By admin Published: April 22, 2007

--The offense still ain't great, it is wheezing on the execution scale.  Just two assists that quarter for the Cavs again.  But the defense continues to keep the Wizards guards out of the lane and the easy points to a minimum.  Which is what is winning the game for the Cavs right now.  The Wizards are still a mini streak away from tying this game and it is so dangerous to have let them hang around.
--The Cavs had a nice spurt in the middle of that quarter to push the lead to 12, which happened due to basket drives by LeBron.  That has got to be the way the fourth quarter goes, the Cavs cannot rely on hitting jumpers.  Also, no more contested 3s allowed for Donyell Marshall.
--I have seen LeBron turn his ankle like that at least eight times this season.  It happens all the time, but his ankles are so thick that he seems to be able to withstand it.  It's amazing, actually.  It may be sore later and tomorrow.  It would be a good reason not to practice tomorrow for him.
--Cavs are 19-of-27 at the foul line, right at their 70 percent average.  Could be a factor.
--Sometimes I think Larry Hughes thinks the shot clock is only 14 seconds long because it gets to 12 and he looks to get the first shot he can.  Then again, he's 8-of-15 from the field has been a big factor today.  Bu blog readers know that "All roads lead to 40 percent" with Larry, so watch out.  By the way, Larry's season percentage...40.000.  No lie.
--When Darias Songalia is on Z, the ball should go there every time.  And not for Z to throw a behind the back pass.  Songalia shouldn't be able defend Z in Cleveland, Washington or Lithuania (Songalia is from Lithuanian, too, in case you missed it).
--Jarvis Hayes isn't showing butterflies in his first playoff game.  He doesn't have fouls either, which LeBron should be drawing on him.
--Overall, so far I think the game has been officiated very fairly no matter what the crowd thinks.  However, I have the impressed Luis Grillo is personally trying to keep the game close.  He has been blowing his whistle a lot (two carries called on the Cavs).  Still I think it has been pretty even.

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