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Cleveland Cavaliers

On second thought, why not?

By admin Published: March 31, 2006

So I got my MVP ballot from the NBA today.

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News and notes

By admin Published: March 26, 2006

Before you get started, check out my Sunday Column on Flip Murray perhaps pricing himself out of Cleveland and LeBron's best individual rivalry.

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Living life in a Purple Haze

By admin Published: March 21, 2006

Some things cannot pass without comment.  This story is surely one of them.  If you don't want to read the link, here's the gist: The 10-bedroom, 11-bath L.A. mansion former Cav Carlos Boozer bought last year was the subject of a January lawsuit.  I remember linking a story on here that said Boozer paid $8.6 million for it and now this new story said it is up for sale at $11.9 million.  Whatever, it's huge and it's nice.  Anyway, Apparently C Booz rented the house to Prince.  No, not Prince Fielder. That Prince as in Purple Rain Prince, "The Artist" Prince.  Therefore, it should come as no shock that, like the Cavs' plan to let him out of his contract to re-sign him to a below-market-value deal, Prince's lease didn't follow the expected script.

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Open season on Mike Brown

By admin Published: March 15, 2006

Based on my e-mail and what I heard on talk radio once I returned to Cleveland from Dallas today, the Cavaliers fan base is discharging what I can only assume was some pent up anger at Mike Brown for his performance during the losses in Miami and Dallas.

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Handle your business

By admin Published: March 10, 2006

Orlando -- Elton Alexander, a college basketball writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is one of my mentors in this business.  For three years, while I covered Kent State and the Mid-American Conference, I spent hours sitting next to him watching games and listening to his knowledge of the game.

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Help me settle a bet

By admin Published: March 5, 2006

First, for some breakdowns and analysis of Cavs issues, check out my Sunday column on why the Cavs need an offensive coordinator.  I know that Terry Pluto and I have been on the Cavs a lot in the paper over the last couple of days, but the point is to point out to fans why the team is struggling.  It is still a good club and it's going to make the playoffs, but after watching the Cavs fold over the last two seasons the media is responsible to the fans for painting an accurate picture.

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Upon further review...the call stands!

By admin Published: March 3, 2006

So aside from the shots in the comments section in my previous post, I've gotten a load of e-mail about my stating that Flip Murray should, as I quote from below, "never attempt another 3-pointer under any circumstance."

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Truths, falsehoods and consequences

By admin Published: March 2, 2006

Chicago -- I will be spending this weekend writing about what is wrong with the Cavs and what must be done to fix them.  So I don't want to let too much of my thunder go here.  However, following the fifth straight loss to the Kings, I think it is time for some hard realities to be addressed.

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