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Ferry in dash to get Bibby

By admin Published: February 21, 2007

Didn't go it to Toronto tonight, my first missed game of the season.  But this was no off day, I was working the phones hard.  I talked to several organizations and it has become clear the Cavs are going all out as to land Mike Bibby.

In my past dealings with Danny Ferry, I found him to be very calculating and cautious.  He didn't want to make a trade unless he was pretty sure he was going to win it.  That is the Spurs way.  With the Eastern Conference faltering this season and with all sorts of signs that the Kings really just want to rid themselves of Bibby, it seems Ferry has changed his tune.  He's willing to make a risky move if he thinks it will make the Cavs contenders.  And apparently, he's got Dan Gilbert's backing.

Getting Bibby might slam the Cavs into the luxury tax this season and deep into the tax next year.  But there's no doubt the green light has been given.  As I've written on numerous occasions, the Kings want Gooden and cap relief. From the people I talked to today, they also want a point guard too.  Ferry has been working on it as hard as he can, but so far hasn't been able to get the Kings to bite.

I think the ball is really in Sac's court, they are making this trade to start to rebuild and rid themselves of Bibby and his contract.  It will come to them to bend probably.

One thing that is very important here is that Bibby can opt out of his deal in the offseason.  Though he might not because he's making big dollars.  A huge factor is that Bibby's agent is David Falk, the guy who landed Ferry a 10-year deal back in the day.  Trust that Ferry and Falk have talked about it a lot and obviously have a lot of trust built with each other and I'm sure the sides have an understanding about what Bibby's intentions are.

Even if this doesn't get done, remember two things: 1. Ferry worked hard to make a major deal.  2. This might very well get done next summer.

On the Toronto game:

--It was a super quality win, the second in-a-row and the Cavs did it with defense and scrappy play.
--Anderson Varejao and Eric Snow get gold stars for the second straight game.  These guys have been just as important as Sasha Pavlovic and LeBron in this blitz of seven wins in 10 games.  Snow made all sorts of plays that didn't show up in the stats, including driving and drawing defenders and some great defensive plays.  What can be said about Varejao, he's playing some of the best ball of his career when the Cavs really need it.
--LeBron and Chris Bosh were both guilty of taking some bad shot down the stretch, but the Cavs supporting cast was better.  That is a positive sign because the Raptors have a quality team and the Cavs were on the road and not at full strength.
--This game and tomorrow's against the Bulls are important because there are tiebreakers at stake for playoff seeding.
--Larry Hughes average for bad shots in a game is like at 5 these days.
--Mike Brown may be calling fewer plays, which makes the Cavs feel better about themselves after they erred in calling out their coach publicly, but it is the defense that he's instilled that has carried things for most of this run. 

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