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Cleveland Cavaliers

Final draft update

By admin Published: June 28, 2007

OK, folks I'm coming off the island vacation I am currently on for 15 minutes to give a brief update for tonight. I spoke with some Cavs officials yesterday and I am told they have about 15 guys they will be would be willing to draft if they can get in with cash and or taking back a player with their trade exception ($2.1 million). These guys would be available from picks 22-40, I am told. So when those picks arrive, start paying attention.
Another source has told me the one guy the Cavs covet in this draft might be Jared Dudley. He's an undersized power forward from Boston College. In some ways, he's a classic Danny Ferry pick, because he's sort of undervalued. The last ACC Player of the Year to get this little run was Josh Howard, by the way. I've never seen him play, so I can't really rate him. I understand he was impressed at the Pre-Draft Camp in Orlando.
I would say the chances of the Cavs getting into the draft at this point are about 50/50. It will depend on how the night develops, as usual.
I am also told the Cavs are not really close to any trades at this point. Earlier this week there was some buzz about the Cavs getting Beno Udith from the Spurs and perhaps their draft pick this year. I am told that is not happening right now.

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