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Cleveland Cavaliers

Final thoughts: Cavs 103, Bobcats 90

By Jason Lloyd Published: April 10, 2012

The brief postgame chat amongst reporters in the press room went something like this: "We can't keep writing about Hudson." Followed by, "Yes we can, there's nothing else compelling on this team."

I am siding in the "nothing else compelling" camp. I have no idea if Hudson will make this team next season, but with every passing day, I think he's giving himself a legitimate shot. Besides, he's making a miserable death march to the end of the season a little more bearable.

If I'm the Cavs, I'm sending both Hudson and Donald Sloan to the summer league in Las Vegas. I want to see as much of him as I can before I have to make a decision on him at the end of training camp. 

He is a fiery competitor. He glares and occassionally barks at officials when doesn't get a call. He's not a very good defender yet, but Byron Scott thinks he can be in time. 

Scott is sticking by his defensive principles and with good reason, but I think there's a place in the NBA for a guy who can come off the bench and flat out score. Hudson is proving to be that guy. 

He is listed at 6-foot-3, which is an absolute joke. I can look him square in the eye and I'm only 5-10 on a good day. Draw your own conclusions from there.

The Cavs put the game away tonight with a combination of Hudson, Donald Sloan, Omri Casspi, Luke Walton and Semih Erden. It was really quite remarkable. For what it's worth, Casspi played one of his better games, finishing with 12 points and four rebounds.

Semih Erden played 16 minutes tonight and grabbed seven rebounds. It doesn't look like he'll ever be an offensive force, but legit 7-footers are hard to find. If he can play good defense, grab some rebounds and fill the lane, I still think there is a place on this team for him next season, even if Scott has all but ignored him since the start of March.

Anthony Parker played well after missing two games with a bruised sternum, scoring 19 points and making 4 of 6 3-pointers. He has scored 46 points in his last two games, even though those games were separated by six days off. As one acute poster tweeted to me during the game, too bad he's not a starting pitcher and can take four days off between every game.

After losing 13 of 15, the Cavs enter tonight's game at Indiana having won two of their last three.

For those keeping track, the Cavaliers have already equaled their win total from last season. 


Cavs: Lester Hudson 25 points, Anthony Parker 19 points, Antawn Jamison 17 points, Alonzo Gee 13 points; Bobcats: Gerald Henderson 21 points, Kemba Walker 20 points, D.J. Augustin 16 points.

Key stat

The Cavs shot 11 of 19 on 3-pointers, while the Bobcats shot 3 of 11.

Turning point

The Cavs scored 10 consecutive points early in the fourth quarter, capped by 3-pointers from Luke Walton and Omri Casspi to take an 82-73 lead which only grew the rest of the night.


"The Linsanity thing I thought was similar to what's going on right now with Lester. I think he's just playing great basketball. He's been given an opportunity and taken full advantage." -- Coach Byron Scott

Up next

The Cavs (19-36) host the Indiana Pacers (35-22) at 7 p.m. tonight at the Q.


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