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Cleveland Cavaliers

Final thoughts: Cavs 122, Bobcats 95

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 6, 2013
Zeller, Walton celebration
Tyler Zeller celebrates with Luke Walton after Zeller made a last-second shot at the end of the third quarter Wednesday in Cleveland. Zeller's shot gave the Cavaliers 100 points and they went on to win 122-95. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)


CLEVELAND: Final thoughts from a rare blowout -- in favor of the home team...

* Overlooked  in the euphoria (just go with it) over the Cavs' two-game winning streak is this: The Cavs scored 63 points in the second half of Saturday's win against the Thunder and followed it up with 65 points in the first half against the Bobcats.

* Scoring isn't the problem, it's defending. Even the dreadful Bobcats shot 47 percent. If the Cavs could defend at all, they'd be in the hunt for the final playoff spot.

* The Cavs led 65-41 at the half. In most other games with a lead that size, the opponent could get it down to 10 within the first four minutes of the third quarter. But this time the Cavs maintained the lead, never letting the margin dip below 23 at any point in the second half. 

* It was a bit surprising to hear Scott proclaim Wednesday morning that the Cavs should win the game. Most coaches aren't so open in such predictions, but Scott was calling his shot and expecting his players to clear the fence. It was an important moment for a young team learning how to play together. 

* "This was one of those games where I was really curious to see if we learned from some of our past mistakes and if we've grown as a basketball team, and I ccan say we definitely have," Scott said. "It's just a matter now of keeping it going."

* The Cavs are 8-9 since January, they've won five of their last seven and five of their last six against the East. They have five more home games upcoming, three of which are very winnable -- Orlando, Minnesota and New Orleans. 

* They have four more games before the All-Star break against the Magic, Timberwolves, Nuggets and Spurs. If they split those four, which is realistic, they're 17-36 going into the All-Star break. On the whole, that's awful. But it would be sure signs of progress on a team desperate to create good news.

* The days of playing for draft picks are over. They have to be. Yes, the Cavs are going to likely have another high lottery pick in this draft, thanks to the miserable start to the season, but it's time to start winning. The organization is fully aware of that. 

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