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Final thoughts: Channeling Moondog, classic movies and saying goodbye to J.J. Hickson

By Jason Lloyd Published: July 1, 2011


How does he do that? How does Moondog hit those no-look, over-the-head, behind-the-back, half-court shots?

That's what I was thinking while standing in my driveway tonight, trying to come up with a new shot to dust off my 9-year-old son in P-I-G. Every time I tried the Moondog shot, it wound up in the neighbor's flower bed.

I made a deal with my son tonight. If he'd watch his little brother while Dad finished up with the J.J. Hickson trade stories, I'd happily reward him by pounding him into the driveway in a best-of-5 series of P-I-G games.

I needed four games to do it. I show no mercy, like this guy. ("Sweep the leg.")

(OK, so actually I look more like this guy when I'm playing basketball. And my son beats me more than he should. But I digress...)

I was standing in my driveway tonight, catching my breath after a long day and weighing the trade. I first heard this morning something might be up. I was on a golf course at the time, which made me realize there are two times in life you don't ever want to be on a golf course: During a bad storm and when the best player on the team you cover might be traded.

In fact, at that moment, I thought I might rather be the bishop than a guy without a computer. But it all worked out.

As for the trade, I'm not sure the Cavs got enough value for Hickson, but I don't know what else they could have done. They discussed a draft night deal with the Kings last week, but I'm told the Kings refused to part with their No. 7 pick. The Cavs shopped Hickson for at least a couple of weeks, so this was clearly the best deal they were going to get.

I've heard fans wonder why the Cavs didn't wait until after the lockout, but the problem is no one knows how long the lockout will last. I absolutely believe there is a very real chance it wipes out all of next season. Just my opinion, but the only way there are games next season is if the players cave. The only way the players cave is if they run out of cash. The only way they run out of cash is if they haven't been listening and heeding the warnings for the last two years. The only way we find that out is to wait a few months and see who starts buckling when the checks aren't coming like they should be.

As for the owners, I absolutely believe they're willing to sacrifice an entire season. And why wouldn't they? If 22 of 30 NBA teams are truly losing money, then by not playing next season, 22 of 30 teams will actually MAKE money, right? Or at least not lose any. If I hadn't lost $1,000 on that last trip to Vegas, then I'd have an extra $1,000 to lose on my next trip, right? (Speaking of which, thanks a lot NBA. You cost me a free trip to Vegas for the Summer League. Yet another reason I'm not returning David Stern's calls these days.)

Anyhow, back to the lockout. No one knows how long it will last. I believe today, 30 minutes into the lockout, there is a very, very good chance the entire season will be lost. But again, that's up to the players. Because I don't see the owners caving this time.

If by chance there is no 2011-12 season, then suddenly Hickson is a free agent of some type (yet to be determined based on the new CBA) and the Cavs run the real risk of losing him and getting nothing for him. So they waited as long as possible and made the best deal that was available to them at the time.

Ultimately, I'm not surprised the Cavs traded Hickson. But I was a bit surprised by the timing of it. I didn't think they'd be able to get it done before the lockout began.

By the way, the lockout has begun. Guess my work here is done. Somebody get the lights on the way out.

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