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Cleveland Cavaliers

A wakeup bawl

By admin Published: July 31, 2006

This morning at about 4:30 Pacific -- I'm on the West Coast working on a project -- I was awoken from a perfectly satisfactory dream about golfing by people in the next room being very loud.

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The Ballad of Drew Gooden

By admin Published: July 25, 2006

It ain't easy being a restricted free agent.  This is the tedious and tenuous reality Drew Gooden is now going through.

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Leaving Las Vegas

By admin Published: July 23, 2006

LV, NV -- After 13 days in the steamy Southwest, I am returning home.  Any long trip will have its highs and lows and here are mine.  Of course, I am at an extreme low right now, it is 2:42 a.m. Pacific Time and I am stranded in the Vegas airport waiting for my plane to arrive to I can go to Cleveland.  Estimated departure is 3:40 a.m., like four hours behind schedule.

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Greg Oden is gynormous

By admin Published: July 20, 2006

Las Vegas -- I am around NBA players often.  I do not blink when I see guy who's seven feet tall.   I think nothing of craning my neck to speak with pro athletes.  Then I met Greg Oden.  I blinked.

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Setting the record straight

By admin Published: July 19, 2006

Las Vegas -- My reporting was wrong.  Some of my sources turned out to be inaccurate.  For the last two years I have reported that LeBron James' endorsement contracts have location bonuses except for his Nike contract.  I got this information from numerous conversations over the course of three years.

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The deal is done

By admin Published: July 11, 2006

Las Vegas -- The Cavs and LeBron James have finished his contract extension talks.  LeBron has agreed to a three-year extension with a player option for a fourth year.   The Cavs will announce it sometime after midnight tonight.  Both Danny Ferry and Leon Rose, James' agent, were here today at summer league, where they met to get it done.

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LeBron's ever-changing contract

By admin Published: July 10, 2006

After thinking I could relax a little following LeBron James' announcement about his intention to re-sign on Saturday, late Sunday night I was back in a tizzy.  ESPN posted this story around 11:30 p.m., which prompted me to write this response only moments ahead of the last print deadline.

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It isn't over...

By admin Published: July 8, 2006

...Because July 8, 2006 (the contract) is just like May 22, 2003 (the lottery), Oct. 31, 2003 (the debut), March 20, 2005 (56 points), April 22, 2006 (playoff debut)...the are all just stops on a journey, the story of which I relate to all of you every day.

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LeBron has accepted

By admin Published: July 8, 2006

A few minutes ago LeBron's agent called to confirm he will accept the Cavs offer. personnel are working to get more content up on the site.  More here and at later and plenty in tomorrow's Beacon Journal.

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Waiting for LeBron

By admin Published: July 5, 2006

I've gotten several of e-mails asking me if LeBron's delay in commenting on the Cavs' max contract offer is hurting them in free agency.  I believe this is primarily because they've told Drew Gooden to wait until LeBron is settled before they press on with him, at least that's what Drew's agents have been telling me.

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