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Final thoughts: Heat 109, Cavs 105

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 24, 2013
LeBron big dunk vs Zeller
The Heat's LeBron James dunks against Tyler Zeller during the first quarter Sunday in Miami. The Heat won 109-105 and James scored 28 points. (AP Photo/El Nuevo Herald, David Santiago)

MIAMI: Final thoughts from another one that got away against the Heat...

* I don't want to put this loss on Alonzo Gee, but he didn't play well in the game's final minutes, and every mistake guys make is magnified in the final possessions of close games.

* Byron Scott was upset that Gee and C.J. Miles were on the wrong side of the court during an offensive possession he just drew up in the huddle. Then Gee's failure to switch on the pick-and-roll that left Wade for an open dunk was glaring. So glaring, in fact, that even Wade noticed.

* "I think it was a miscommunication, they didn't know the switch so I was able to get a clear lane to the basket," he said. "It is always a good pick-and-roll with me and LeBron running because a lot of 2s and 3s don't really cover pick-and-rolls. They don't really know what to do exactly. It's a great play for us."

* The pick-and-roll is one of the most basic plays in basketball, yet teams continually fail to properly defend. That amazes me. Working on something about this for the coming weeks.

* The blown assignment didn't lose the game tonight, but as C.J. Miles said, the 3-pointer by Shane Battier in the corner in transition and Wade's two baskets late came because of defensive lapses. That is 7 points in a game the Heat won by 4. The Cavs beat themselves tonight.

* Strange fourth quarter for LeBron. He played nearly nine minutes, but was credited with only one shot attempt (although he was 3 of 4 from the line in the quarter). The Heat scored 28 points in the fourth quarter and Wade had 15 of them. 

* Speaking of Wade, he looks like a completely different player than the first time the Cavs were here. He was still recovering from offseaI son knee surgery and wasn't nearly as explosive as he used to be. Now he's back. 

* " I am as good as I am going to get," Wade said tonight, referring to his knee. "I felt like in January I was a little ahead of schedule because we talked about all summer that February would be the time when I would start feeling very well, but I felt very well in January and I think I showed it with my play and just being consistent. Now it is just about taking care of your bumps and bruises that you are going to have throughout this time of year and keep going."

* Speaking of knees, Kyrie Irving has been less aggressive the last couple of nights while nursing a sore right knee. He said after the game tonight it is affecting his game, but I don't think the Cavs are at the point of sitting him down. Playing four games in five nights certainly won't help, however. Certainly something to monitor.

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