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Cleveland Cavaliers

Caught on camera

By admin Published: April 25, 2006

When doing some research for this story, I broke down every single Cavs possession from Game 1 against the Wizards.  I prepared a complex chart, watching how the Cavs got LeBron James the ball and what the Wizards did in response.  By the way, he got the ball on 68 of 76 possessions, 39 with a pass in the halfcourt and 29 when he brought it up the court himself (If there was a foul or violation or ball out of bounds that reset the offense, I just counted the whole thing as one possession).

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ESPN Chat Today

By admin Published: April 24, 2006

For any blog readers interested, I will be doing a chat today on at 4 p.m. about LeBron James' career.  I'll have a story up on the site sometime this afternoon about his five great debuts: high school, national TV, pro, All-Star, and playoffs.  Here's a chart on them from the Sunday's ABJ.

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5 things I think I know about this series

By admin Published: April 22, 2006

1. The hardest player for the Cavs to control will be Antawn Jamison. Gilbert Arenas will get his points, he's a great player.  But the Cavs really don't have anyone on their roster who has shown they can defend him.  He averaged a double-double against the Cavs this season.

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My ballots

By admin Published: April 17, 2006

Boston -- I was in Washington on Tax Day and I'm now in Boston on Patriot Day.  Talk about experiencing the best and worst of America.

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OK'ey dokey

By admin Published: April 11, 2006

Oklahoma City -- One of the few reasons why I was looking forward to coming here for the last several weeks is a desire to see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial.  It took 45 minutes to find it despite it being only about six blocks from the hotel because we (the now healthy Bob Finnan back on the beat and I) got lost several times, but it was worth it.  On the day the bombing happened, April 19, 1995, I was on a junior class trip to Washington D.C. and we were not able to go into the Capital building because they'd closed it out of precaution.  Being there Monday afternoon sort of reminded me of that day and how I've lived my life since then, which is why we build and go to reflect.  Of course, the 168 people who died that day didn't get a chance to live those 11 years which is the point. In all, I didn't think it was as visually powerful as other memorials I've been to over the years, but it was unique.

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Checking in from the road

By admin Published: April 9, 2006

Newark -- Little observations from the last week of Cavs basketball:

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