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Cleveland Cavaliers

Final thoughts: Pacers 98, Cavs 91

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 31, 2011

Byron Scott said Friday morning that Kyrie Irving has a little "old soul" to him. This is what he meant:

As Irving was buttoning his dress shirt tonight after the game, about 15 to 20 reporters were waiting for him to talk. Most players like to be fully dressed for the cameras before the interview begins, but Irving turned around and locked eyes with an Indianapolis radio reporter.

"How are you doing after missing that shot?" the reporter bluntly blurted out.

Irving paused for only a second.

"I'm well, how are you?" he said.

I've seen grown men snap on guys in similar moments, but Irving played it cool. Everything about this kid is polished and smooth. Yes, he missed the game-winner at the buzzer tonight. Yes, he missed 10 of his last 12 shots.

But on a court with guys nearly twice his age (Antawn Jamison is 35, Anthony Parker is 36), Irving was fearless to shoot the ball. At 19, he's already embracing the moment.

We don't know much about Irving. He only played 11 games in college. But the consensus around the league seems to be as long as he stays healthy, he has all the ingredients of being a superstar. In three years, he could be one of the 5 to 8 best players in the league.

He's going to miss many more game winners in his life, but it won't be long until he starts making a few, too. Now the key is to start getting more talent around him.

Key stat
The Cavs made just 18 of 31 free throws (58 percent) and turned it over 18 times.

“Ten games from now, he’ll make those shots. I love the fact he wants the ball. That’s a great sign.” -- Byron Scott

Up next
The Cavs (1-2) host New Jersey (1-3) on Sunday.

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