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Final thoughts: Wine & Gold scrimmage

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 18, 2011

I'm not sure yet if Omri Casspi can play, but he's serious when he's on the court. That's a start. Byron Scott likes the intensity Casspi brings to a team that desperately needs it. The Cavs were blown out too many times last year and players didn't seem to care.

"We don't need Chihuahuas, we don't need poodles, we don't need German shepherds, we need pit bulls," Scott said. "It's good if you have a few of them. I think he is one of them. If you have a bunch of Chihuahuas, you're going to be in trouble."

Scott said last year, the Cavs had something "between a German shepherd and the large poodles."

Casspi slammed the ball into the padding surrounding the basket in disgust after he was whistled for a foul. Teammates have said in practice he's a gritty defender who will get in guys' faces. On this team, it's a welcomed change.

Other tidbits...

* Kyrie Irving has already perfected the lob pass. He tossed a few up last Friday against the Pistons and had at least three more in the scrimmage. For a young kid, he has great awareness for where everyone else is on the floor. Irving had 14 points, nine assists and six rebounds. Tristan Thompson had 12 points and six rebounds.

* Scott shortened the scrimmage to three quarters and the third quarter was played with a running clock. The players had to be at the arena at 11 a.m. for a film session and the scrimmage didn't end until around 3 p.m. Plus he wanted to get everyone off the floor healthy.

* Casspi and Daniel Gibson (tooth, flu) made their season debuts. Casspi finished with nine points and a couple of assists. Gibson had 12 points off the bench for Gold.

* Manny Harris didn't shed much light on the strange freezer burn incident he suffered at Nike's complex in Oregon, but he did say he wouldn't seek litigation. Harris is expected to miss all of training camp with the foot injury, but Scott said Harris can still make the team without camp.

"I know what I've got in Manny. I know what he can do," Scott said. "Not playing doesn't necessarily mean he won't make the team."

* The Cavs waived camp invites Tyrell Biggs and Kyle Goldcamp before the game. The only camp invites remaining are guards Kenny Hayes and Mychel Thompson.

* Antawn Jamison hasn't looked good, but it's only the preseason. He struggled badly during the preseason last year and played better when the games began to matter. Jamison is just 6 of 20 from the floor in the scrimmage and Friday's preseason game combined. Samardo Samuels, meanwhile, continues to impress. Samuels had 15 points and four rebounds.

* For what it's worth (which is nothing), Gold won the game, 67-57.

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