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Cleveland Cavaliers

First quarter over, Cavs up 27-20

By admin Published: April 22, 2007

--LeBron James is at it again.  He's as active as he's been on season with and without the ball.  Not only is he attacking, but he moving well to create angles and really seeing the floor.  He's well on his way to another triple doube, with 9 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds already.  The Wizards, as expected, are doubling and shading to him and he's burning them for it.  If he continues to play at this level, the Cavs are unbeatable.
--A big moment for LeBron was with two minutes left and the shot clock going down.  Instead of taking a fallway 18-footer, he looked at Darius Songalia and drove.  That is how to get it done.  It was a 3-point play.  If he did that all year, he's have averaged three more points a game.
--The Cavs have made a lot of shots, going 12-of-22, but I feel it is a real percentage because they are mostly high-percentage looks.  They are attacking the glass and setting up the guys in the post.  Especially Drew Gooden, which is wise to make Antawn Jamison work at that end.  Jamison is a terrible defender, especially 1-on-1.  Most important, the Cavs had 16 points in the paint.
--It is impressive to see how strong Sasha has gone to the hole, even if he isn't finishing very well.  This has been seen before, as has his disappearance after the first quarter.  We'll see what happens when he comes back in for LeBron in a few minutes.
--A key play came at 6:32 when LeBron drew the charge on Antawn Jamison.  It was a good call, but had it gone the other way it would've been James' second foul.
--Antonio Daniels and DeShawn Stevenson are non-factors so far, if it stays that way the Cavs are in good shape.  If they get going, the Wizards won't go away.
--Z is off to a bad start (airball), we'll see if it carries over.

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