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Cleveland Cavaliers

First quarter thoughts

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 7, 2010

Cavs 20, Wizards 16; End 1Q

* The absence of Mo Williams was glaring early. The Cavaliers struggled finding a ball handler among Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon.

* Gibson, however, had a great quarter. Showing tremendous quickness in getting to the basket. The evolution and revival of Boobie continues.

* Samardo Samuels has something in there somewhere. He seems to have good feet and a good feel for how to play on the post. I'm rooting for the kid, would like to see him make it. He's probably in over his head a bit right now, but if they can be patient and give him a year or two, he might develop into something.

* Both teams got off to a brutal 7 of 28 combined start from the floor. They both finished 6 of 20. Clearly, this is still the preseason.

* John Wall was nasty quick, but struggled to finish around the basket. Gibson held his own and even outplayed him while the two faced off. But Wall has a great burst, that much is evident.

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