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Cleveland Cavaliers

Free agency: Another One Bites the Dust

By George Thomas Published: July 6, 2009

Yet another free agent, who might have been of some help to the Cavaliers, comes off the board. 
The Boston Celtics apparently got Rasheed Wallace to agree to terms - at least orally - last night.
For the Cavs it represents a case of being able to add some depth to the bench, despite the fact that Wallace apparently believes he should still be a starter.
How serious were the Cavs?  Apparently not very, according to a source with knowledge of Wallace's negotiations.
That brings us to Ron Artest, who despite a reported face-to-face meeting with LeBron James ended up going to the Los Angeles Lakers, a fact that didn't surprise one league source who said that Artest, who own a house in L.A. was always interested in playing there should the chance arise.
Artest said on FOX Sports Radio Sunday that things never really got that serious between he and the Cavs:

(LeBron James) was the first person I spoke to and I was trying to see if Cleveland was going to call. They never called. My agent said the Lakers were very, very interested. So I said why not go to somebody that wants me, than chase Houston or all of these other teams.
Bottom lining things:  the Cavs aren't hunting for A-level talent right now. What they are seeking are role players.  All the action in free agency took place last week.
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