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Friday practice notes: Harangody, Erden back to Boston

By Jason Lloyd Published: March 11, 2011
Turkey's Semih Erden, right, celebrates in the face of Serbia's Marko Keselj after Turkey's Kerem Tunceri scored the winning basket during the semifinal between Turkey and Serbia at the World Basketball Championship, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010, in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey won the match 83-82. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

I'm not sure what that guy did to make Semih Erden scream like that, but that picture cracks me up.

Erden and Luke Harangody returned to Boston to collect more personal belongings, but are due back later tonight. Harangody will probably play Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but Erden is still a mess physically and is doubtful for the game.

Speaking of Erden, Ryan Hollins told a great story today after practice about how he put some English backspin on a pass for J.J. Hickson. No one saw that coming. Most 7 footers are thrilled to simply connect on passes, but Erden has some finesse to his game, too. Byron Scott said the Celtics thought Erden could be a starter in this league. He needs to see more from the rookie before he'll make the same type of prediction.

* Baron Davis remains in Los Angeles with no clear return date. In fact, it's sounding more and more like he'll remain in L.A. all week and wait for the team to get to him, since the Cavs are scheduled to face old pal Mo Williams and the Clippers next Saturday. No one with the Cavs will say this, but there's obviously no real rush to get Davis back. It gives his knee more time to heal, it allows him to be with family and it illustrates to him the Cavs are an organization willing to support him and help him however they can in time of need. In return, the Cavs are hoping he'll come to camp next season in shape and with two healthy knees.

* Daniel Gibson says his bruised thigh feels better than it has in weeks. If it's not 100 percent, it's close. He's never had an injury linger as long as this one has. Just when he thinks it's getting better, he'd get whacked on the leg again and the healing process would have to start over.

* Scott isn't very happy with either of his small forwards, Alonzo Gee or Christian Eyenga. Both were blowing defensive assignments in Wednesday's loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. When one guy would screw up, Scott would sub in the other guy -- only to stand by and watch him make a defensive mistake, too. If Gee is still the starter on Sunday, it's only by the slimmest of threads and because Scott has few other options. "I wouldn't say it's by default, but yeah, kind of," Scott said.

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