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Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 2, let's preview

By admin Published: April 25, 2007

Some thoughts for tonight:

--It is no surprise to most objective observers, but Eddie Jordan says Brendan Haywood is going to get some more playing time tonight.  He is doing this out of need, not out of desire.  Everyone I talk to who has been around the Wizards says Jordan has been in and out of disgust with Haywood for at least the last year.  Most recently, he thought Haywood quit on the team late in the season.  However, Haywood has always been tough on Zydrunas Ilgauskas, so it wouldn't stun me if he had a positive impact for the 'zards.  Meanwhile, Tom Knott - who is known for defending a right-wing agenda, and for being a bit of a Wizards coaching staff defender - takes aim at Haywood,  Haywood's mom, and the bathroom habits of Sheryl Crow -- all at once.  Wow.
--Couldn't agree more with Ivan Carter's story in today's WaPo.  If the Wizards are going to have a chance to win a game, it will be because DeShawn Stevenson and Antonio Daniels get it going on offense.  Trust me, there will be at least a game when they do and I think you'll see some teeth from the Wiz in such a contest.  The Cavs made them both take all jumpers in Game 1, which is the way to go.
--Two things I'd like to point out.  LeBron James so-called "supporting cast" gets regularly cracked by Charles Barkley and the like.  Sometimes it's on point.  However, rarely do LeBron's teammates get credit when they actually do their jobs.  Which actually happens quite often.  Game 1 was an example, Larry Hughes had 27 points, Z had 16 and the whole team played excellent defense.  But now Point No. 2: It seems to be going unnoticed by everyone but me and Eddie Jordan, but the Wizards actually have done a darn good job of holding down LeBron all season.  Because they want the teammates to beat them.  Let's see who it backfires on in the end.
--How long before the Wizards start complaining publicly about LeBron getting favorable calls?  Last year Jordan wigged out after Game 3.  If the Cavs win Game 2 and LeBron gets to the line more than, oh, let's say, six times, I think Eddie may start to boil postgame tonight.
--Who was happier the Raptors held on to beat the Nets last night?  The Raptors fans, savoring the first playoff win in years?  Or the Cavs, who are gleefully rooting for a seven-game slugfest?
--The D.C. Sports Bog, which is fantastic in nearly all respects, breaks down Cavs fans from Game 1, especially their signs.  I link to this post for entertainment value, but be sure to check out the whole site.

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