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Gameblog: Cavs vs. Pistons Game 2

By George Thomas Published: April 21, 2009

Post mortem:  Cavs 94, Detroit 82
What's the saying? Too cute by half?  Yup.  No way this game should have been that close, but with the Cavs' second string in, the Detroit Pistons took advantage to open the fourth quarter, going on a 27-5 run before the starters re-emerged to put the game away - for good.
How much was this one in the bag?  Notice that I quit blogging after halftime.  The Cavs came out from the locker room with a sense of urgency.  Mike Brown played the starters for most of the third quarter, a signal that he was going for the jugular and it worked.
The Cavs led by 27 at the end of three before the Pistons revved things up to make it interesting?  Is it reason to panic? They never trailed in the game and led by as many as 29, so no.  But this should serve as some semblance of a wake-up call. Boston and Orlando got theirs over the weekend.
Judging from the way that the starters played, this could easily be a sweep.  Pistons Coach Mike Curry gambled that his team contained LeBron James, that his teammates wouldn't be able to step up.
News flash:  This is the Cavs circa 2009, not 2006.  He has the supporting cast now and they showed it, led by Mo Williams (21 points, two rebounds, seven assists) and Delonte West (20 points, three rebounds and four assists). While Curry busily threw Richard ''Rip'' Hamilton, Arron Afflalo, Richard Stuckey and a zone defense at James, Williams and West hit jumpers.
Even with all of that coming at him, James scored ''only'' 29 points.  It look as if what the team saw during the course of the regular season served them well in this instance.
Mike Brown on his team letting a 27-point lead slip away:

We have to be the aggressors. For that period of time in the fourth quarter, we weren’t.
Mo Williams on his game tonight after struggling a little in Game 1:
I felt a whole lot better out there tonight. It helped to get that first game under my belt. I felt good.
First quarter:  Cavs 23, Pistons 14
Big story so far:  Detroit's Mike Curry has been true to his word, throwing everything at LeBron James in order to disrupt him.  The Pistons' Richard 'Rip' Hamilton has been on him.  Rodney Stuckey's had his shot and they've played zone defense.  Judge how well it's worked:  James has eight points, four rebounds and a couple of assists.  As a team, the Cavs are shooting 50 percent from the floor.
First half: Cavs 46, Pistons 32
The Cavs' defense is in lockdown mode in the first half.  Apparently they didn't appreciate the fact that they gave up 46 percent shooting in the first game.  A casual observer can detect a growing sense of frustration on the Pistons' part as they got nailed with a couple technicals in the second quarter.  With them being unable to stop LeBron James, he's got 16 points at the half, they're making sure that he pays everytime he makes a move to the basket.  He's already been to the line nine times in the game.  Detroit Coach Mike Curry has tried everything to slow him down and stop him.  Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton, Arron Afflalo and even some zone.  To no avail.
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