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By admin Published: December 19, 2006

Newark, NJ -- Going over a few things since we last spoke:

--The Nuggets stole Allen Iverson from the 76ers.  Pretty much the 76ers tossed up their hands and took a package of a quality player, an expiring contract, and picks.  This is the sort of deal that could make a major impact on the NBA.  Like Rasheed Wallace to the Pistons three years ago, which was a steal as well.  Or it might not work out with Carmelo Anthony, like the Chris Webber-Iverson attempt in Philly.  The bottom line is this: Denver got a star without giving one up and the rest of the league can't be happy.

--I'm told by a good source the only other team deeply in the running for Iverson was the Miami Heat.  They publicly pulled out Monday, which is why the deal went through Tuesday.  Yes, yes, yes, the Cavs had talks with the 76ers, but they didn't go anywhere.  Now, as for getting one of those three first round draft picks Philly now has, the Cavs may be interested in that business down the line.

--I've written a bunch about the Cavs issues over the last week or so, you can catch up here if you want.  I've decided I am going to sit back and watch a bit as their schedule toughens up from now until the end of the month before I form new conclusions.  Here's what I know: They are a good defensive team, which in general they bring everyday but are a poor offensive team other than some nights when they get hot from the field, which usually happens at home.  Getting a team to play good defense is harder than getting them to play good offense, so there is some hope.  That said, the reason the Cavs score more at home than on the road is they rely too much on jumpers and emotion and less on fundamentals.  I'm not sure that is going to change, but like I said I have criticized enough, I am in observation mode.

--Two interesting signs at Quicken Loans Arena that have shown up on the videoboard, hinting someone in the control room has a sense of humor.  One read: "Hey (Adam) Morrison, shave your dirty Sanchez."  Look it up on your own.  The other read "Bruce (heart) Sasha."  Pavlovic, I presume. I'm glad someone does.

--LeBron is tired, here's my idea of what to do about it.

--Some of you may remember when I ranked the NBA cities last May, New Jersey was dead last.  This is in terms of NBA travel, not for tourists or anything else (In case Mr. Soprano and/or NJ Dept. of Trade is reading).  So I'm here and not thrilled, but am happy it is the Cavs only trip of the season here.

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