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Cleveland Cavaliers

Gibson, Eyenga return to starting lineup

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 22, 2011

Daniel Gibson and Christian Eyenga will both start tonight against the Chicago Bulls, replacing Manny Harris and Alonzo Gee.

Scott had wanted to try to keep Gibson as a reserve for extra scoring punch off the bench, but that lasted two games. Scott pulled Harris from the starting lineup after he went scoreless Friday against the Milwaukee Bucks and played less than three minutes in the second half.

"You’re going to have games like that, and me changing the starting lineup doesn’t help," Scott said. "Having both those rookies (Harris and Gee) out there at times is going to bite us. I think with Manny, he’ll bounce back. He’s a pretty resilient young man. You’re going to have bad games, but how do you do after that game? How do you bounce back will show the type of guy you are."

Eyenga is returning to the lineup because his right ankle is healthy and he was productive in the starting lineup prior to the injury.

"Every time he's out there, he gets something done," Scott said.

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