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Cleveland Cavaliers

Halftime, Cavs up 7 and Wiz happy

By admin Published: April 22, 2007

--The Wizards are elated right now.  They are right where they want to be.  They outplayed the Cavs in the second quarter and have basically not gotten hot at all on offense.  There was a six-point swing that went against them at the end of the half with Jarvis Hayes missing that 3 and Larry Hughes making one.
--The Cavs offense has stopped running.  There's all of a sudden a lot of standing around going on.  Trust me, this is not because the Wizards are camping down, although they are playing better.  They are denying drives with a mix of defenses, but the Cavs made it easier on them by not throwing passes.  After they got seven assists in the first quarter, the first assist in the second quarter didn't come until 4:50 left and then they didn't have another one until Drew Gooden gave it to Hughes.  This is a classic example of the Cavs self-inflicted wounds allowing less talented teams to stay in the game.
--With that understood, it is easy to see why LeBron didn't play as well in the second quarter.  He wasn't throwing many passes and wasn't getting many, which is why he went 0-of-4 with just one assist.  The only guy who did anything was Andy Varejao, who the Wizards will continue to hack.
--This is all why the Wizards are still very much in this game.  The Cavs had just six points in the paint in that quarter because they chucked up a bunch of jumpers.
--Here is a warning, the Wizards are shooing just 37 percent.  Overall, it has been good defense by the Cavs because they've forced them into taking lots of jumpers.  But trust me, sooner or later, the Wizards will go through a streak where they make a bunch of jumpers.  Antawn Jamison was 7-of-17, but he could've easily been 10-of-17.  The Cavs need to build a bigger cushion to ready for the run.
--Both teams had just three turnovers in the first half but the Cavs had nine fastbreak points to the Wizards' 0.  I expect to see many more turnovers in the second half.
--Last year the Wizards never stopped Eric Snow when he was in the open floor, they just let him drive.  Eric remembered and drove again.
--All the LeBron heavy hitters are here in the courtside seats.  His agent, Leon Rose and Nike bigwig Lynn Merritt.  And, of course, Wes Wesley.  By the way, in the past I've written those seats belong to Nike.  They actually belong on Mr. Wesley, as he informed be a few weeks ago.  Thanks for reading.

--Also, As I wasn't paying attention and blogging, I was almost hit on the head with one of the T-shirts they drop from the ceiling in the second quarter.  Earlier this year I was hit in the head by one of the balls they throw into the crowd while writing.  See what I endure for you folks?

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