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Cleveland Cavaliers

Halftime thoughts

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 7, 2010

Halftime: Cavs 34, Wizards 33

* Bad night for Cavs shooters. Danny Green had a miserable night on Tuesday and hasn't been much better thus far, including an air ball. Jawad Williams has missed open jumpers and botched a layup after he had a clear path to the basket. Yikes.

* Cavs have as many baskets as turnovers (12), they're shooting 28 percent from the floor -- and they're WINNING. Kind of tells you how bad of a half it was.

* Somehow I forgot to mention this earlier, but Loren Woods is out with a left Achilles injury. His remaining time with the Cavs could be limited.

* Just when I got done complimenting Samardo Samuels, he screwed up the spacing in Scott's Princeton offense. Samuels went low when he was supposed to go to the high post. Scott coached him again about it when he pulled him from the game. Like I said, the kid is raw, but there's something "there."

* Ryan Hollins won't remind anyone of Shaquille O'Neal, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He can stand to add some weight (240 pounds), but he moves really well for a 7-footer. He'll make a nice backup center. Now if only the Cavs could find a legitimate starting center...

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