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Hawks aftermath

By admin Published: November 8, 2006

--With 6.7 seconds left, why does the inbound pass come to LeBron?  On the floor were Larry Hughes, who was 8-of-8 at the line and Drew Gooden, who was 9-of-12.  In fact, Drew might've been the best choice because he doesn't really feel pressure.  The way Drew is wired, I don't think he sees clutch free throws as anything different than those in practice.

--That said, missed free throws were not the direct reason the Cavs lost to the Hawks.  I know that is a popular thing to complain about and it is an issue that must be addressed.  However, the overall offense is a much bigger issue in my opinion.  The Cavs are not scoring, they are not shooting the ball well, and they are still being stagnant.  After getting the 10-point lead in the fourth quarter they were as stagnant as they were two years ago at the end of the season.  Not the way to win.  This is the biggest thing that needs to be addressed, the offense has to be cleaned up.  The whole point of the new offense, which I like, is to get motion.  That's what all these turnovers and all these hard time are about...learning the new offense.  But if you're not going to move in crunch time, then what is the point?  I am sure this will be pointed out in practice today.

--The Cavs need to run more plays with Zydrunas Ilgauskas in mind.  They did in the first quarter and he got some baskets. I realize he's struggled, but this offense is not designed with him in mind.  They have to take him into consideration somewhat.

--He's a great guy and he's very knowledgeable, but David Wesley is giving the Cavs nothing right now.  And he gave them almost nothing in the preseason.  Shannon Brown is going to get his chance very soon.

--By the way, the Hawks were amazing in the stretch run.  They made some great shots under pressure and made almost no mistakes after getting down by 10.  They have a promising team and they played a great game.  They deserved to win that one.

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