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Cleveland Cavaliers

It isn't over...

By admin Published: July 8, 2006

...Because July 8, 2006 (the contract) is just like May 22, 2003 (the lottery), Oct. 31, 2003 (the debut), March 20, 2005 (56 points), April 22, 2006 (playoff debut)...the are all just stops on a journey, the story of which I relate to all of you every day.

...Because as trend-changing as 50-32 and the second round of the playoffs was, it is not even halfway to a championship.

...Because 61 points in Game 7 showed one player can't win the biggest games alone.

...Because over the last seven years he has constantly raised the bar and met and exceed all expectations.

...Because it doesn't matter about opt out clauses, endorsement bonuses, max contracts, someone will always believe No. 23 will want to leave.  The Cavs lose eight of 10 games in a stretch in 2008, the stories will start that he'll want to be traded.   It will be impossible to stop everyone from talking about New York or Brooklyn or Paris.  Accept it will always be there and move on.

...Because the best is yet to come.

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