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Cleveland Cavaliers

It's Good to Be King

By George Thomas Published: January 20, 2010

He's popular with the young set and, apparently, with the stylish  (meaning $$$).
LeBron James ranks No. 2 in jersey sales in the NBA based on sales at New York City's (of course, the world revolves around the Big Apple) NBA Store and  He comes in behind the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant.  The complete Top 10:
1. Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers   2. LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers  3. Dwight Howard- Orlando Magic  4. Derrick Rose – Chicago Bulls  5. Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat  6. Kevin Garnett – Boston Celtics      7. Chris Paul – New Orleans Hornets  8. Paul Pierce – Boston Celtics  9. Shaquille O’Neal – Cleveland Cavaliers  10. Pau Gasol – Los Angeles Lakers 
For the record, the Cavs ranked No. 3 in team jersey sales.
And what about style? 
GQ readers have selected James one of the 25 Most Stylish Men in the World.
Apparently James merited a mention, but has a long way to go to catch the poll's leaders:
Actors Robert Pattison of Twilight fame and Johnny Depp (if you don't recognize that name, you've been under a rock for about 10 years).

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