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Izzo goes quiet, Scott's name surfaces

By Jason Lloyd Published: June 10, 2010

Tom Izzo isn't answering his cell phone today and has closed himself off to the outside, according to sources close to the Michigan State coach amidst reports he is headed to Cleveland today.
Sources don't believe Izzo will accept the job today even if he does tour the facility and meet with owner Dan Gilbert.
"He would have to be blown away and overwhelmed by everything. And who knows? Maybe he will be," one source said.
When Izzo met with the Atlanta Hawks 10 years ago, he returned to his home in Michigan to mull the decision. At least one source expects Izzo to handle the Cavaliers' decision the same way.
Izzo wants to know how the Cavaliers intend to pursue LeBron James and what Plan B is should he leave, according to a source, although Izzo strongly believes Gilbert will still do his best to field a competitive team even if James departs.
"He doesn't know any of the players on the team, other than maybe Antawn Jamison," one source said. Jamison was part of the North Carolina team that eliminated Michigan State in the 1998 NCAA Tournament.
"He knows LeBron through Nike," the source said. "But he needs to get to know the rest of the guys before he makes a decision."
Gilbert is believed to be pressuring Izzo for a decision sooner rather than later, which is perhaps why Byron Scott's name is now being mentioned in connection to the Cavaliers' job. Gilbert could be using Scott to leverage Izzo for an answer.
Gilbert is doing his best to land a marquee coach before July 1 for two reasons, according to sources:  To provide James with another reason to re-sign, and also to have a respected coach in place even if James decides to leave.
Scott is enjoying his time away from the court as an ESPN analyst, according to a source close to the former coach. He is taking care of his elderly parents, who are ill, and spending time with adult children.
Scott is still very interested in the Lakers' job and wants to know Phil Jackson's future. If Jackson leaves, Scott would like to be considered in Los Angeles. Even if Jackson remains, Scott believes it will only be for another year, and is willing to wait it out in order to have a shot at the job. Scott is also interested to see how a potential lockout after next season would affect the league, according to a source.

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