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Cleveland Cavaliers

James joins Miami Heat

By Jason Lloyd Published: July 8, 2010

``I'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat,’’ free agent LeBron James said in front of a national television audience Thursday night.

With those words James put “The Decision” right up there with “The Drive, “The Fumble” and “The Shot.”

The reaction from the Twitter world hasn't been pretty. I'm posting just some of the clean ones sent to @ABJCavsinsider tonight:

@Brownsfan6900: Lebron has to ride coat tails!!!

@chrislawrence32: sorry bron you just killed all your real fans in front of the world.

@Buccillini: and nothing gilbert can do except buy the lakers...where they gonna move the cavs to cause they dead in cleveland

@bieooo: and now? what will happen with the Cavaliers?

@jenniferalane: I have no respect for that guy, @kingjames. What a quitter.

@molinapolo: Yep. This happened. Black clouds. Our heads. Cleveland.

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