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Jamison: We will "do everything possible" to win title

By Jonas Fortune Published: February 18, 2010

At Antawn Jamison's age (33) he is getting a little nearsighted. He sees the end of his career and knows he doesn't have another "5-10 years left in this body."
He only has one goal.
Win a championship, no matter what it takes.
"I’ve never won a championship whether it was college, high school or so far in my career,'' Jamison said. "I’ve been to all star games. I’ve experienced a lot of things. There is only one thing left for me to achieve. There is only one thing that keeps me going. It is one thing that drives me night in and night out. I’ve said to myself its going to happen before I retire."
Perhaps more importantly, he talked about how the Cavaliers, as an organization, share the same beliefs he does.
"We are going to do everything possible,'' Jamison said. "The thing I like about this team is there are no egos. Nobody is trying to achieve individual numbers. It is all about winning. It’s all about trying to capture something special that this city hasn’t captured in a long time."

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