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Joakim Noah Learns to Keep It Shut...Ummm Nevermind

By George Thomas Published: April 19, 2010

Update:  Amazing what a loss can do to a guy.  Totally different Noah as he went through the post-gaem dissection.
Some choice comments from Noah after the game:
''You think Cleveland's cool?  I never heard anyone say I'm going to Cleveland on vacation.  What's so good about Cleveland?''
"I don't want to be up here giving LeBron James all this credit. Yeah it's tough right now.  He  played an unbelieveable game."
Great player that needs to grow up just a weeeee bit.
Apparently Joakim Noah has learned his lesson.  After suffering diarrhea of the mouth for the past couple of days, Noah didn't speak to the media Monday morning.
Of course that little maneuver game after promising to talk to the media.
For those who missed it, Noah had all sorts of wonderful things to say about the city of Cleveland that boiled down to this in a nutshell:  Cleveland doesn't rock, it sucks.  Yeah well, on a dreary, chilly spring day, Noah isn't necessarily wrong.
Let's face it, downtown booms when it's warm and the legion of surburbanites and, yes, those from Summit County too, make the trek to assorted areas of downtown and trendy neighborhoods for "west and wewaxation."  That, howevever, doesn't mean the city doesn't possess its charms.
Noah's mistake was simple:  he's an outsider who said it out loud.  Call it the Animal House syndrome.
For anyone who's seen that comedy classic there is a scene where the fraternal Nazis from Omega House abuse the pledges from Delta House.  Two of the Deltas officers take notice and have this brief conversation: 
Otter (Tim Matheson):  "They can't do that to our pledges."
Boon (Peter Riegert):  "Only we can do that to our pledges."
That's it in a nutshell.  Only those from N.E. Ohio can have the privilege of bashing this old lady on the lake.  And that's how it should be.  After all, we endure the crappy weather, the screwy politicos and the lousy sports team. 
Is this a defense of Noah?  Nope.  Conventional wisdom is his media blunders these past few days was little more than calculated to take pressure off his teammates.  Apparently, it may be working.  Read this from Bulls point guard Derrick Rose:
''That's Jo. He's just trying to win. That's the way he plays, the way he talks. You always know he's in the room,'' Rose said. '' It makes all of us play harder because we know everywhere we go everybody hates him. You love shutting the crowd up, but it's going to take wins.''
Given that his father, Yannick, was a word class tennis players for years, part of him has to know how the media works.  It still comes across as looking brash and immature, especially when he's no where near the caliber of player he can be.  Until then, he may want to pick his media fights a bit more carefully.

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