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Kevin Love denies any interest in joining Lakers next season

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 14, 2014
Love, Kevin backing down Kanter
Kevin Love disputed a recent report on Friday and denied any interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

BOSTON: Kevin Love denied a report he’s interested in joining the Lakers next season while poking fun at all the attention his handshake with Kyrie Irving has received.

“Whatever we were doing with our hands was about as true as me going to the Lakers,” Love said Friday. “Going to the Lakers, I don’t know where someone got that.”

A recent report suggested Love will seriously consider opting out of his contract at the end of the season and join the Los Angeles Lakers. Love, like LeBron James, can essentially be a free agent after this season and next.

The handshake grabbed so much attention because it appeared Love and Irving were pretending to smoke a joint at the end, when actually they were twisting their mustaches. Love conceded after watching the video it looked worse than it actually is.

“I don’t know why it was so hard for people to realize we were actually curling our mustache. I guess because I had my fingers in the wrong place,” he said. “But looking at the tape, film don’t lie. It does look like we’re doing something bad, but that’s not the case.”

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