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Kyrie Irving won't play overseas, says his foot needs more time to heal

By Jason Lloyd Published: September 24, 2011

WESTLAKE: Maybe a lengthy lockout isn’t so bad for the Cavaliers after all. If nothing else, it will give rookie Kyrie Irving’s injured foot enough time to fully heal.

Irving said at his youth basketball camp Saturday that his foot feels “150 percent,” but that doctors told him it will be another few months before the foot is completely healed. NBA training camps were expected to open in about a week, but the league postponed everything following the latest breakdown in negotiations.

“My foot is not going to fully heal for a full year and it’s only been six or seven months,” Irving said. “I still feel 150 percent healthy, but my foot, in terms of healing properly, is going to take about another three months.”

By that timetable, Irving’s foot would be totally healed around Christmas. Many agents and various personnel around the league don’t believe a season will start before January, anyhow.

“It hasn’t hurt for almost seven months,” Irving said. “It’s feeling good.”

Irving didn’t return to the basketball court until a couple of weeks ago. He returned to Duke to continue taking classes during the lockout, just as he promised his father he would. A psychology major, he is taking two psychology classes, a theater class and an African American studies class during fall semester. More importantly to the Cavs, he has no interest in playing overseas during the lockout.

“I have a guaranteed contract over here,” he said. “I don’t want to risk injury over there.”

Cavs players haven’t held any team workouts on their own yet, but Irving said they are still planned. The players have discussed holding workouts at Ohio State sometime in mid-October, but nothing has been finalized.

Irving is making the rounds across Northeast Ohio this week. He was in Green on Friday to read to a class and address the students at assemblies. He is in Westlake all weekend for his first basketball clinic as a member of the Cavaliers.

Irving bounced through the couple hundred kids, posing for pictures and promising to sign autographs for all in attendance. At just 19, he isn’t much older than the campers, who range in age from 7 to 18.

After the camp concludes today, Irving will return to Durham, N.C. to continue working out and taking classes.

“I’m going to try and stay in school as long as possible until the lockout is over,” Irving said. “My dad still stresses education in my life. Me finishing my sophomore year would be great, but me being able to play in an NBA game is even better. Hopefully they can figure out this situation and hopefully it doesn’t drag out as long as people think it will.”


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