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LeBron: I Respect Colangelo, but Not His Statements

By George Thomas Published: April 4, 2010

LeBron James responded to recent words from USA Basketball director Jerry Colangelo with some of his own Sunday.
Adrian Wojarnowski of Yahoo Sports reported recently that Colangelo, the man responsible for assembling Team USA, said that a player not participating in the upcoming World Championships might find themselves on the bench for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
“There are no free passes to London,” Colangelo told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday night. “There are no special rules for anyone. If someone decides to pass without a legit issue, they do it with an understanding of the risk.”
James chose his words carefully when asked about the situation.
''If that’s the case we’ll have to see when it happens.  There’s a lot that goes on with being a professional athlete other than just basketball,'' he said. '' I think everyone in the United States of America knows the commitment these guys made, including myself, since 2003.''
James will have his free agency to contend with in the summer, but what will likely consume the lion's share of his time is filming Fantasy Basketball Camp, a comedy set to be directed by Malcolm D. Lee, in which he plays himself. 
''I’m not trying to bash Jerry because I respect him; he’s a really good guy,'' he said. '' But if he came out and said that I don’t respect that because of the commitment we all give to the United States of America – the three year commitment right off the bat.  We didn’t second guess it at all.''

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