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LeBron in Vegas: The Conclusion

By Jason Lloyd Published: July 29, 2010 Editor in Chief Rob King said the LeBron James in Vegas story was pulled and never reposted because the writer, Arash Marzaki, didn't properly identify himself to the James gang.

According to the original story, Marzaki was seated at the table with James and his associates. Surely they knew who he was, otherwise he wouldn't have been allowed past the five bodyguards stationed around the table. What is more likely true is that Marzaki didn't have clearance to write everything he saw. These sorts of stories pop up all the time, with the scene of "Star X" partying in Vegas or Los Angeles or a New York hotspot as the backdrop for the rest of the story.

Once the unedited version of the story floated around the Web, ESPN had no choice but to kill it entirely. Such is life when you've made The Decision to sell your soul, or in this case, ESPN's integrity, to one superstar.

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