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LeBron is No. 2! LeBron is No. 2! Whatever

By George Thomas Published: December 3, 2009

An esteemed panel of Hall of Famers, major award winners, current players, executives coaches, other basketball players and the Seven Dwarfs have deemed Kobe Bryant the greatest player in the history of known man - today - in Sporting News.
The revered panel can be found by subscribing to SN Today and I'll take them at their word.  In short, LeBron James came in at No. 2 behind Kobe Bryant.  Before Cavaliers Nation freaks out and screams:  "He wuz robbed," I have to say that is about right.
Why?  Think about what Kobe Bryant has accomplished in his career - four championships including the elusive one without Shaquille O'Neal last year - a Finals MVP, a league MVP, 11 years an All-Star.  Add to the mix that he's still playing at the peak of his powers and it makes sense.
LeBron, no matter how he is perceived as a player, will not supplant Bryant on any similar list until he wins multiple championships.  Think that's going to happen in New York City anytime soon?  The New York areas are a combined 4-33.
The only other Cavs player to make the list:  Shaquille O'Neal at No. 16.  Yeah, that's a head-scratcher.  I like Shaq.  The jury is still out on what he brings to the Cavs on a consistent basis, but No. 16?  Really?  Really?

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