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Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron is tired of the talk

By admin Published: April 18, 2008

The best preview material I can give you about the Cavs and Wizards series is up on There is a detailed breakdown of the teams and each starter from a high-level NBA scout and my five keys to win the series for both teams.
Today LeBron responded, once and for all I got the impression, to DeShawn Stevenson. First, he said he doesn't need the trash to motivate him. Second, his disputed Stevenson's remarks about a personal attack. With Drew Gooden being the mole. And by the way, I don't think LeBron is thrilled with Drew right now, he came to the locker room last week in Chicago and I did not see them make eye contact.
Here are the quotes:
"My response is I'll be ready to play tomorrow. I motivate myself, I don't need opponents to motivate me. I am going to go out there and play the way I do every night. I don't need help."
"I never said anything personal about him, nothing about his family or anything that would tick somebody off like that. I don't know what was said to him, I've never said anything personal about anybody. Now, did I say something about his basketball game? Maybe. About him personally, I don't go that far."
"We don't have guys that talk, you're not going to see Z talking trash out there. It being Washington, them disrespecting our team we'll see what happens. Game is tomorrow, we'll see what happens."

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