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LeBron James and Mo Gets Another Shot?

By George Thomas Published: February 3, 2009

So, have you ever sat at your desk trying to accomplish a task and haven't been able to because you don't have the materials or technology you need ?
That' s been me the past couple of days with this blog.  Apparently there's been some type of problem with the server. I spent two-thirds of the Magic game trying to post and after dealing with the same problem with the Clippers game, I said for get it.  Obviously, it's working again.
Too bad that happened, because there was such fun stuff to deal with in the past few days - some of it related to one LeBron James.
First up, a little shout out to one Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel.  Bianchi wrote a scintillating piece about, of all things, LeBron James bolting the Cavaliers for the New York Knicks.
Why might you ask?  Well, because Shaquille O'Neal did it to the Magic back in the day.  You know - back when Shaq was SHAQ and not shaq.  I have few problems with Bianchi's prognosticating.  Heck, that's what we journalists do when we don't have an original idea.  Notice how I admit that.  
Of course, there's that matter of a little factual error where Bianchi states that if James wanted to re-sign with the Cavs he would have done so already.  Ummmm...gee, nevermind that little NBA rule that says he can't sign any type of extension until July.  That one error is for Bianchi's editor to contend.
 But I take issue with this little gem that ends his column:

When Shaq left, Orlando fans woke up in the morning and the sun still came up.
When LeBron leaves, Cavs fans will wake up and still have to live in Cleveland.
Cleveland jokes or slams - wow, never heard or read one of those.  Of course someone might want to remind Bianchi that the only reason he has something to write about eight months of the year is because the hoops season is so long. Last I checked, Orlando didn't have a Major League Baseball team (sorry, the Rays play in Tampa) and the state's football teams are in Tampa (I'm sensing a pattern), Miami and Jacksonville.
I'm not one for slamming other cities - especially ones that I don't visit a lot.  However, given that I have two children, I've been to that part of Florida a gazillion times.  Even when I didn't have children I'd been to that part of the state many times because Walt Disney Studios used to hold interviews for some of its movies there.  Remember, I was a movie critic in a former life.
This is what I do know about Orlando.  Were it not for Walt Disney looking for the least expensive way to build his momnument to entertainment magic, metropolitan Orlando might still be a haven for mosquitoes.  Just sayin'.
The words have been typed or muttered:
By the way, you hear more team officials speculating that LeBron James is less likely to leave Cleveland, and perhaps that was why there was speculation in the New York media recently about how great it would be to get someone like Joe Johnson.
I've downplayed a lot of this LeBron James to wherever talk, primarily because I think Cavaliers fans should concentrate on the season in front of them and quit giving harbor to that sports inferiority complex so ingrained in the culture around here.  Yes, I know Pittsburgh winning the Super Bowl this past weekend doesn't help, but let's face it, given their current state, who wants to root for the Browns right now anyway?
However, with another trip to New York looming this week, I thought it fitting that we delve back into that little cesspool of LeBron's going to New York.
Those of you who have read me in the ABJ for a while know that I've not been doing this sports gig for long, but I have followed sports for most of my life - some rabidly and others not so much.  This is what I do know about New York - courtesy of one George Steinbrenner, New York sports fans are spoiled - if they can't draft 'em, they'll buy 'em. 
They could very well get LeBron James or Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade, but at this point, I'm not putting money on it.
The glass may be shattering on James' other new prospective home in New York. Prospects of James playing for the New Jersey Nets, who had planned to move to Brooklyn, had dimmed greatly once the season started.
Now terrorism concerns may officially end the arena project that would have been the team's home. 
Lastly, a little note about Mo Williams, who got snubbed as an All-Star.  The Magic's Jameer Nelson went down with a shoulder separation, so you have to suspect that the Cavs' point guard may get another shot at making the roster.  According to a league spokesman, it will be up to Commissioner David Stern to make the replacement if Nelson cannot go.
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