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LeBron James, Books and Fathers

By George Thomas Published: September 18, 2009

Walking toward Borders Books and Music in Westlake Friday my initial thoughts were that the folks sitting there in their foldable chairs were...well...were without perspective.
They arrived for a LeBron James book signing for Shooting Stars.  I showed up at 2:30 this afternoon after hearing some had camped overnight.  What is possibly more interesting than learning why adults camped out for the opportunity to get an autograph from the best basketball player on the planet?  Such folks must have a screw knocked free in their noggin.  right?  Wrong.  Judgments aside, the two guys who claimed their spot at the front of the line at 3:30 p.m. were there for all the right reasons.
''It's for my son more than anything,'' said Brookpark's Joe Straubhar.  ''I couldn't care less, but it makes him happy and brings a smile to his face.''
Straubher convinced his buddy Scott Nagy to join him in the quest for James' autograph. 
''The only way to get a chance to meet him is to do something like this. I’ve been to the games, behind the bench and you still can’t get his autograph,'' Nagy said. ''To meet him up close like this and maybe even shake his hand, whatever happens.''
Nagy almost sounds like a kid himself lost in a world of whimsy.  In that respect, it's easier to understand why it is he and Straubher would spend more than a day camping out for an autographed book.  As a father, there are somethings you just have to do.
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