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LeBron James makes his animated debut

By Jason Lloyd Published: April 6, 2011

(Note: As previously stated, I understand LeBron is a polarizing figure in Northeast Ohio these days. People either love him or hate him. I understand this is a Cavaliers blog and James no longer plays for the Cavs, but he is still an Akron native playing in the NBA and will be covered as such.)

LeBron James made his cartoon debut today with his animated Internet show The LeBrons (trailer above). James and Maverick Carter are executive producers of the series, while his mother, Gloria, has a role in the show and close friend Randy Mims is listed as the production manager of James' Spring Hill Productions company.

"The LeBrons'' is billed as a family entertainment show designed to provide positive messages to today’s youth and young adults. It will explore subjects such as family, teamwork, friendship, giving back to the community, staying in school and staying out of trouble.

The idea for the show began with a series of Nike television commercials introducing four characters that represent four different sides of James’ personality: Kid, Wise, Business, and Athlete. James created the new series loosely based on the characters, told through the point of view of Kid, that will take place in Akron. "The LeBrons" is available only on YouTube.

Believe Entertainment Group, a New York-based digital entertainment company, will finance, sell and distribute the 10-episode digital series and has partnered with Spring Hill Productions on sales and all business efforts for the show. A portion of proceeds from the series will be used for the purchase of computers to be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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