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LeBron James Unhappy with Z Not Playing Saturday (with audio)

By George Thomas Published: November 30, 2009

INDEPENDENCE - It's rare when you hear LeBron James speak out about a coach's decision, but he didn't hide the fact that he wasn't pleased ( LeBron Unhappy ) with the fact that Zydrunas Ilgauskas didn't get to play Saturday against the Dallas Mavericks.
Had Ilgauskas played, he would have set the franchise record for games appeared in at 724, breaking G.M. Danny Ferry's record.  Given his injury situation early in his career that is quite an achievement.
Coach Mike Brown said Ilgauskas was just a victim of circumstances ( Mike on Z not playing ) - in this case the Mavericks playing with a smaller lineup.
Let's be clear here.  James was respectful with the way he answered the question and has legitimate reasons for feeling as he does ( LBJ supports Z ).  He has an understanding of what Ilgauskas has meant to him and  the Cavs over the years ( LeBron and Z history ).
But given what happened and as the game was winding down, what was the right way to handle that situation?  Do you get Ilgauskas Minimal minutes and get him the record, or do you wait to a proper situation when he can be honored appropriately? 
You tell me.

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