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LeBron's & the Elbow: Tentative Play Saturday

By George Thomas Published: May 2, 2010

CLEVELAND - LeBron James didn't dodge questions about his elbow Saturday night.
And had little problem confessing that his elbow dictated how he approached their first game in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Boston Celtics.
The surprising thing:  James socred 35 points.  Or perhaps that shouldn't be so surprising.  He shut down his perimeter game for much of the night and concentrated on driving the ball to the hoop, going to the line 11 times in the process.
"I thought about it a little too much. I came out tentative. But if I’m out on the court, I have to be productive.  If I can’t be productive, I may as well be on the bench,'' James said.
When  asked whether James had been favoring the elbow throughout the game, coach Mike Brown said he didn't even know.
''He didn't complain about it to me, our trainer didn't say anything to me about it,'' he said.
Boston coach Doc Rivers still isn't buying that James is injured.
''I think his elbow is fine.  I'm pretty sure of it actually.  I really thought he was trying to get everybody involved,'' he said. ''That's what he does.  He eases into the game and he actually did a pretty good job, but he just didn't make some shots.  You knew it was coming.  Actually, I thought towards the end of the second quarter, he started his assault.  He started being really aggressive.''
Buzzer beaters:  The Cavs are 10-0 in playoff series in which they win the first game...They have won 4-of-5 of their last first games in playoff series...At one stretch in the third quarter, point guard Mo Williams scored 10 consecutive points...The Cavs reserves outscored Boston's 26-12.  Eleven of those points game from J.J. Hickson who came into the game after O'Neal got into foul trouble.

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