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LeBron still has at least one fan in Cleveland

By Jason Lloyd Published: July 29, 2010

Matt Bellamy expected he would be verbally harassed a little when he showed up to the Indians game Wednesday wearing a LeBron James No. 6 Heat jersey. What he didn't expect were the objects and beer thrown in his direction.

The taunts got so bad, Bellamy and his girlfriend were eventually escorted out of Progressive Field by police, making him Cleveland's newest overnight celebrity. Along with local media outlets, Bellamy did interviews Thursday with CNN and ESPN radio.

Bellamy, the 29-year-0ld Sandusky resident, says the police told him he was being ejected for his own safety. But then he says police pulled him into a small glass room outside of Progressive Field and shouted obscenities at him and his girlfriend, asking her why she would come to the game with this "stupid (expletive) idiot wearing this (expletive) jersey?"

Police did not immediately return an after-hours call from the Beacon seeking comment.

Bellamy, 29, said he walked to his seats in the bleachers in the second inning, and while he heard a few boos, everything seemed fine. But after his picture was shown on the Jumbotron during the sixth inning, the entire stadium began booing him. That's when the harassment, he says, intensified.

Fans began throwing countless beers at him and making lewd sexual comments toward his girlfriend, he said. Bellamy, who was wearing an Ohio State hat at the game and considers himself an avid fan of all Cleveland sports teams, contacted an attorney on Thursday to see if there was a potential lawsuit.

"I've been nationally humiliated and nobody, the cops, nobody was doing anything," he said. "I was minding my own business. I'm an Indians fan. I was there to watch the Indians. I love the Browns and the Cavs. I'm an Ohio fan. I love them all to death. But every time we get a talent, we can't hold onto him. LeBron was born and raised here and I still love him."

Bellamy said the white James jersey is ruined, but he has the red and black jerseys, too.

"You can boo me all you want, that's cool. I expected that," Bellamy said. "You don't need to throw beer or food. The cops don't need to call me names. I respect everybody. You don't have to like me, but you shouldn't hate me because I've done nothing to you."

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