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LeBron talks about his elbow injury

By Marla Ridenour Published: April 28, 2010

LeBron James' comments on his injured right elbow following Tuesday's victory over Chicago:
(how is the elbow) I don't honestly know what's going on. I've done tests, trying to figure this thing out. But it almost feels like you hit your funny bone and it kind of numbs up a little bit. After I shot the first (free throw) that's exactly what it did. I wasn't even going to try to shoot the second one. Making the first one we went up four, so I knew we had some type of cushion. If I would have had to make it, I would have tried it with my right hand, but I didn't want to try to risk it any more.
(your shooting percentage was down, was it because of elbow, bothering you the entire game) Off and on, but I was able to still stick with the game plan. Antawn had it going, Shaq played extremely well. It was one of those games where every possession counted, offensively and defensively. When I had to make plays offensively I was able to.
(remember when this happened, ever been this bad) Naw, I've never had a problem with my elbow before, probably minor stuff in the past. I don't know exactly when it happened, I can't figure it out, but it's been going on for a few weeks. And hopefully it doesn't continue to bother me as we continue to move on in the post-season.
It's something, it bothers me more because I don't know what it is. But we'll figure it out. We've got the best docs in Cleveland and they'll figure it out.
(coach couldn't understand what you were saying, were you asking if you could call 20-second timeout) Yeah, it was a miscommunication. Right after they called a timeout I went to the sideline and it kind of calmed down. He probably thought I was asking him how many timeouts we had and he said, 'Two.' I was asking, 'Can I call one?' so it could calm down a little bit. Me and Mike usually have pretty good communication. That's going to happen, I guess, when you have, 20,000-plus screaming at the top of their lungs.
(when did you have tests, was your arm hit before free throws) Naw, it wasn't hit at all. I got an MRI two days ago, got X-rays, trying to figure out what's going on. Everything is clear, there's no structural damage or anything. I don't know doctor words or things like that, so if you want to talk to Max.
 It kind of numbed up a little bit after I shot that first free throw to put us up four.
(How concerned are you about it, Cleveland fans with past history are worried) I'm not concerned. I want to get a better sense of what it may be. But Cleveland fans have nothing to be worried about. I'm healthy, I'm ready and we look forward to the second round. They don't have any reason to panic.
(Would you see Dr. Andrews) I don't think it's that serious.
(first half took 3 shots because of elbow or flow of the game) It was more flow of the game. 'Twan had it going so well in the first half I was able to chill and not shoot the ball as much, I was still able to grab five rebounds and get five assists, do other things that can help our team. I don't force anything. It's just not my nature. I only took 12 shots tonight. I was never in force mode. I took what the defense gave me.
The elbow, for the most part hurt me the whole second half but I was still aggressive in the fourth quarter when need be.
(bother you on rebound with 4 1/2 left) A little bit. I don't like to harp on injuries, I hate it. I play through injuries, I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me. I don't like that. If I'm on the court, I'm healthy.
(you always have flare towards dramatic, elbow, halfcourt shot) I just do my job. I show up to work and I try to do my job at a high level individually and I try to be the leader I am, and that's on and off the court. As far as the dramatics and things like that, I guess it comes with how I do my job at a high level. Am I apologizing for that, no, because I love my job. Talk about my elbow, it's not a big deal to me. You can talk about what I did individually, Game 4, I don't care. The wins and losses, that's the only thing that matters to me.

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