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Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron update

By admin Published: October 13, 2005

I assume that many fans are concerned about LeBron James and there's good reason.  Tuesday night it seemed as if LeBron could play but was just sitting out because it was a preseason game.  Then, Wednesday he told us the pain was bad and there was no way he could play.  Then Thursday we learn he's been admitted to the hospital.

I have been assured by Cavs officials over and over that all this is precautionary and all the tests have come back fine.  I believe them that they don't think it is anything serious.  It stands to reason that if you are having pains on the left side of your chest and they are getting worse, even if you are just a 21-year-old world-class athlete, you should address it.  That makes sense.  They have some of the best doctors in the world at the Cleveland Clinic and so I'm sure they have it under control.

My concern is that usually people don't stay in the hospital for two days with a muscle strain and this injury seems to be getting worse to me.  So I'm going to be keeping a watchful eye on all of it.

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