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Living life in a Purple Haze

By admin Published: March 21, 2006

Some things cannot pass without comment.  This story is surely one of them.  If you don't want to read the link, here's the gist: The 10-bedroom, 11-bath L.A. mansion former Cav Carlos Boozer bought last year was the subject of a January lawsuit.  I remember linking a story on here that said Boozer paid $8.6 million for it and now this new story said it is up for sale at $11.9 million.  Whatever, it's huge and it's nice.  Anyway, Apparently C Booz rented the house to Prince.  No, not Prince Fielder. That Prince as in Purple Rain Prince, "The Artist" Prince.  Therefore, it should come as no shock that, like the Cavs' plan to let him out of his contract to re-sign him to a below-market-value deal, Prince's lease didn't follow the expected script.

According to the lawsuit papers, for his $70,000-per-month rent, Prince deemed it OK to paint purple stripes on the exterior of the home along with his "Prince" symbol.  He also painted his numbers "3121" on the outside, that's also the name of his album being released today.  They must mean something, but I'm not hip enough to get it.  And why not, at that price.  Had Carlos called Dan Gilbert to finance his $8.6 million crib at 5.5 percent over 30 years, the monthly payment would be like 48k.  Much, much less if Dan got him to sign off on an interest-only deal.  I mean think of the positive cash flow for CBooz charging Prince 70 grand.  That's like $900,000 a year.  Prince, I mean haven't your accountants taught you anything about equity.  But that's just the tip.

The lawsuit, which by the way was dropped about a month ago, probably after Prince copped to some more cash, said the Boozers were also not happy that Prince put down purple monogrammed carpet in the master bedroom and ripped up baseboards and put down black carpet in the basement.  CeCe Boozer has much better taste than that.  (By the way, if any of you are Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, I'm picturing Crazee Eyez Killa's house from season two).  But taking the cake is that Booz was angry that his walls had been ripped up because, get this, Prince was getting ready to put a in a beauty salon.  I guess Prince had put in plumbing and piping "for water transfer for beauty salon chairs."  I mean what can you say to that, you couldn't make that up.

OK, but to me, the incredible irony here is what is most funny.  Before Boozer signed his $68 million deal with the Jazz and he was barely scrapping by on the NBA minimum of like 500K per season, he actually got sued by former Browns defensive back Percy Ellsworth because of a rent and property dispute over in Westlake.  Ellsworth said Boozer owed him $12,500 for rent that he didn't pay and another $2,500 for taking Ellsworth's washer and dryer when he moved out. That suit dragged out for months before, two weeks after he got a huge signing bonus as part of this Jazz contract, he cut Percy, who had long since been cut by the Browns himself, a check to cover it.

All of this sort of makes me wonder if I should pass on Eminem's offer to rent out my palatial estate this summer.

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