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Cleveland Cavaliers

Massacre in Glendale

By admin Published: January 8, 2007

I got an e-mail from a friend and big Buckeyes fan a few moments ago, he said he was too shocked to be upset.  Not even the most confident Florida supporter could've dared to predict a four-touchdown victory.

I'm just back from the Ohio State press conference, where Troy Smith both took all the blame and summed it up to "not everything can be a storybook ending."  He said the team brought a lot of smiles to people Ohio and those can't be taken back.  That's true, but it is not all.  This game will haunt Ohio State for a long time.  Not just because they got beat, but because they got beat so badly when, to a man, they were all 100 percent sure they were the dominant team.

Lots of things went wrong for the Buckeyes, starting with the injury to Ted Ginn, but they were completely overwhelmed from the head coach on down.  This was a night when perhaps the greatest team in Ohio State history could've been crowned, the greatest Buckeye in history could've been established.  Instead it was a worst failure in Jim Tressel's career and the bitterest end to a bunch of great careers.

No, not everything can end with the roses.  But this ended with so many expected thorns.

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