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Cleveland Cavaliers

Maybe a blockbuster deal, LeBron has another triple-double, Gibson hurt again

By admin Published: February 20, 2008

Cavs 106, Pacers 97
--So this will surely disappoint some of you and also anger some of you, but I cannot yet say what player the Cavs are considering making a deal for. I have to protect sources. But I can tell you that I have talked to two different people in different organizations that have confirmed the talks are serious. I know you want more, but I just can't give it to you at this point. I am not trying to build up ratings here, I am reporting what I can report. Just know that Danny Ferry is serious about trying to upgrade the roster. Whether or not it gets done though is up in the air. It's 50/50 at best. --Here is what I can tell you, it is a trade that would change the dynamic somewhat of how the Cavs play but not directly affect the way LeBron James plays. Also, if this deal goes through, it would potentially allow the Cavs to make another deal. --Also, the Cavs are trying to get a first-round pick as part of the deal. Which is a sticking point, the other team doesn't want to give it up. Perhaps this is because they are thinking of trading their first round pick this year or next year as part of another deal. --After the game, the Cavs locker room was buzzing about the deadline. There are players who have heard their names in rumors and are convinced they are being traded. Some players even were half-jokingly saying goodbye to one another. Others who have been in rumors weren't paying attention. But make no mistake, there is a strong belief in the Cavs locker room that they are going to do something. Maybe nothing will happen. A year ago on this night I was writing about how Danny was beating down the doors trying to get Mike Bibby and it didn't happen. I am just trying to do my job. --Now, here's the news on Daniel Gibson. He got rolled up on by Travis Diener in the third quarter tonight. It looked very bad. There was lots of cussing on the Cavs bench as Boobie rolled around on the court in pain. Afterward the Cavs said it wasn't as bad as it looked. But Boobie wouldn't tell me if it was a high ankle sprain or a low ankle sprain. Of course, this is a major difference. I am not a doctor, but the nature of the injury made it look like it could be a high ankle sprain. When you get rolled up on, that injury is often a result. But the Cavs are thinking positively, so who am I so say different. --Oh, yeah, the game. LeBron had another triple-double. He is the first player since Magic Johnson in 1987-88 to have two back-to-back triple-doubles in the same season. There's a stat for you. He was huge in the fourth, not only scoring but also rebounding, setting up his teammates but also on defense. He was guarding Troy Murphy for awhile. --The Cavs won this game their way, playing defense down the stretch. They controlled the tempo in the fourth, holding the Pacers to 5-of-16. --The Cavs have won 8 of their last 10 games on the road.
Starting lineups
Cavs: Larry Hughes, Ira Newble, LeBron James, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas Pacers: Travis Diener, Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster
--Jaamal Tinsley (left knee) was a late scratch and Jermaine O'Neal (left knee as well) are both out. The Cavs have a talent advantage here tonight, which just isn't always the case. --This is a game of mental toughness. The Pacers want to play fast and turn it into a scoring fest. The Cavs can take advantage in transition but they cannot just stop moving the ball and turn it into a chuckfest. That's what the Pacers want. --The Cavs have beaten Indy five straight times and twice here. If they win tonight they will be above .500 on the road, something they haven't been this late in the season in 15 years. Plus they have lost two straight. This is a game they should and need to win.
Halftime -- Cavs 60, Pacers 54
--Folks, I have not watched a second of the first half as I pursue some hot trade rumors with the Cavs. They are being very active and are in talks over a blockbuster that has not been reported yet. It does not involve Mike Miller. More to come later.
Stars LeBron, 31 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists Ilgauskas, 14 points, 17 rebounds Hughes, 19 points Granger, 30 points, eight rebounds Murphy, 20 points, six rebounds
Mike Brown: "What can I say? He’s the MVP. He’s the MVP this year. I don’t care how many games are left, or whatnot. This guy is terrific. He does everything out on the floor. He doesn’t just score, he doesn’t just get people easy shots, he doesn’t just rebound, he defends. He guarded shooting guards, small forwards and power forwards tonight.” LeBron: "I’m going to get us in the best position to make plays in the fourth quarter, I attract so much attention that a lot of guys are going to get open looks. I’m going to do my thing no matter who’s in or who’s out."

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